2016 Annual Budget

Children’s Friend is excited that Governor Raimondo has reconvened the Children’s Cabinet in Rhode Island. Although established as state law, the cabinet has not been active in recent years.

With the many challenges facing the welfare of our state’s children it is important to have a diverse and comprehensive group of stakeholders finding ways to work together to implement positive changes for our kids.

The welfare of our children should not rest solely on the Department of Children, Youth, and Families. The welfare of our children is influenced by the state of their health, the mental health services available to children and their families, the economic environment of our state, the family support safety net that exists, the quality of our neighborhoods, and the education they receive. So it is important for state agencies and all of us to come together to improve the well-being of our children.

We at Children’s Friend look forward to the leadership of Cabinet Chair Elizabeth Roberts, and will work with and assist the Cabinet to ensure that we make lasting and positive impacts for the children of Rhode Island.