A Golden Anniversary


This year, 2015, Head Start turns 50 years old!  Celebrations across the country have acknowledged the over 32 million children and their families who’ve benefitted from participation.  On October 22, 1982, President Ronald Reagan first proclaimed October Head Start Awareness Month, a time to take a closer look at the benefits of our national investment in ensuring children’s success in school and life, regardless of their circumstances at birth.  Head Start has blazed the trail for many early childhood initiatives since its inception, impacting even more children and families than those who’ve participated directly.

Are you a “Head Start kid?”  Do you know what a difference Head Start made for you and your family?  We’d like to encourage you to share your success story during this Golden Anniversary month of Head Start.  Write a letter to your congressmen or senator to tell them how important Head Start is to you.  Take to your Facebook or Twitter account to tell your story.  As it has for the last fifty years and hopefully for the next fifty, Head Start Works!