A New Study Shows Long-term, Positive Impact of Head Start

Large group of cheerful children showing thumbs up and looking at the camera.

The Hamilton Project, an analysis of the long-term impact of the Head Start program, was recently published by Brookings, and it shows some positive outcomes for kids and families who participate in Head Start.

Overall the analysis shows that Head Start increases the probability that participants will graduate from high school, attend college, and receive a post-secondary degree, license, or certification. There are also some very positive outcomes specific to African American and Hispanic participants.

Overall this analysis confirms what previous studies have shown us – that high quality, comprehensive, early childhood programs have a positive and lasting impact on our most vulnerable kids and their families.

We will continue to ensure that the resources entrusted to Children’s Friend are used to provide the highest quality and most comprehensive services to our youngest and most vulnerable kids.

Click here to find out more about these findings.

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