A New Year

Golden numbers 2017 on wood and defocused christmas lights.

With the holidays now behind us, 2017 stretches out like a blank canvas.  A new year evokes hope, new resolution, and change.  This particular new year, I vow to stay aware, informed and involved in 2017, to invest in my community, and help to ensure that my little corner of the world is full of hope and is as just as it can be.

I am not a huge one for resolutions, but this year more than ever, I think it is important to make a conscious effort to make 2017 everything it needs to be.  This is not a novel idea; however, after a year of overwhelming political unrest throughout the world, including in our own country, 2017 is most definitely an opportunity for a new beginning; a fresh start.  I hope that you join me in this resolution to be more involved and truly invest in my community through volunteering, and donating time and resources to causes I hold dear to my heart.

Happy New Year!

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