Amazing Dedication of the Staff at Children’s Friend

As the hustle of the holidays begins to draw to a close, it gives me some quiet time to think about the season and specifically the amazing dedication of the staff at Children’s Friend. You have already seen the remarkable efforts of our donors and volunteers with the holiday drive and the countless families we were able to support. And none of it could be possible without the team at Children’s Friend.

As we ready to begin 2017, please join me in thanking the staff of Children’s Friend for the work they do every day.

We received a letter this past week from one of the mothers we support in our WIC program in Providence. We do not often receive letters and it speaks to one of the most important elements: the relationships we build with the families we support. And it is because of this that we are able to make a difference in the lives of children at their most critical developmental moments.

Here is the letter we received:

The following is just to express my gratitude towards the program and its staff. The staff has been so welcoming and nurturing. I am a mother of 3 children. I was able to obtain WIC about 5 years ago with my son. Now, I am receiving it again for my pregnancy.

Even though I have been a mother of two children, the program reminded me of the things I need to eat and do to prepare for the baby. At first, I was upset for the long training, but today I see the benefit s of it. The staff is well trained and helpful.

A week before giving birth, Diana called me to reassure me that if I needed any help to please call her. At the time, I didn’t I think I needed the help. While in the hospital, I was confused on how the baby was acting, I called Diana and she guided me. She also scheduled my next appointment.

In one of my visits, the baby started getting fussy; I immediately went for the formula. Diana guided me to calm the baby first, then got me a pillow and showed me how to breastfeed the baby. The baby was calm and went to sleep.



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