An Exciting Week Ahead!

Later this week, President and CEO David Caprio and I will be attending the 2018 Business Innovation Factory Summit.   Similar to the Ted Talk model of short presentations, the BIF Summit will include people who have risked looking at things differently and implement changes to create stunning impact.

With our new strategic efforts focused on preventing devastating outcomes for the most vulnerable children and families in the Urban Core, I am clear that this work involves collaboration and a new way of thinking about the support provided to children and families.

Of the many story tellers forecasted, I am particularly excited about Holley Murchison and this idea of owning your voice.

In a recent analysis of the young children who have died or nearly died, it identified that many of these children had parents who themselves were supported by DCYF when they were children.  I wonder what they could tell us about how the systems work or do not work.

Our efforts over the past 1 ½ years with our First Connections program included the process of journey mapping – where we actually talk to parents about the process of receiving phone calls from many different agencies, switching from person to person and having to retell your story over and over again.

And I am curious to listen to how we differently understand their experience and how we can “cultivate the skills and attitude to realize their potential and confidently communicate and propel their ideas”.  See more about Holley here –