Be Someone’s Favorite Teacher


When asked, we all can name our favorite teacher, especially at this time of year.  My favorite was my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Fontana.  From the moment I walked into that classroom I knew it was going to be an amazing year.  I think the upright piano in the corner was my first clue.  Not every classroom had one, so that could only mean that this teacher was going to share her music with us.  And share she did—every Friday (regardless of our behavior during the week) we sang as we watched her long, elegant fingers move up and down the keys.  I often credit Mrs. Fontana with my ability to speak in front of groups without too much fear; the result of making each student sing solos in front of the entire school during the school year.  A few years ago, I had the chance to thank her for all she’d taught me.  It was truly a gift to me to see her and talk with her, and, to say thank you.

Teaching was Mrs. Fontana’s second career, following a stint as the weather reader on a local news channel in Rhode Island.  It’s likely that she was in her 40’s when she was my teacher, since I know she will turn 90 years old this Halloween.  It takes a pretty special person to teach children, especially young children.  At Children’s Friend we are always looking for special people to take on the challenges of our early childhood classrooms.  Maybe like Mrs. Fontana you would enjoy a second career as a teacher or teacher assistant in one of our very lively classrooms.  If you want to know more, click here to check out our Careers tab or give us a call. A second career no matter your age, may be just right for you, too.