Children’s Friend Babies

Last year I was doing my grocery shopping at a store near my home.  I’m a big fan of going through the self-checkout but sometimes there can be a glitch in the system.  On this particular trip there was the need for one of those automatic “audits” to be conducted, so as the light above my register was flashing a store associate headed in my direction.

I was wearing my Children’s Friend ID badge and the associate noticed it.  She asked if “that was the place that does adoption and foster care?”  Of course I said, “yes, do you know it?” She relayed her story to me:  At a very young age she entered foster care.  She was placed with a nice family who was good to her and ultimately became her forever family.  Now in her late forties, the store associate told me her life would have been drastically different had she not been adopted and given a chance for a permanent home.

As you probably predicted, it turns out she was adopted through Children’s Friend. She referred to herself as a “Children’s Friend” baby.  She was grateful to know that we still do the work to find loving, permanent homes for children most in need.  As we continue to celebrate National Foster Care month, we celebrate all the Children’s Friend babies who found permanency through their foster care placements and ultimate adoptions!