Class of 2019



Just like my waistline after so many summer barbeques, Children’s Friend is growing, expanding, escalating in scale. With the next academic year on the horizon and our brand new Althea site preparing to open its doors, the Talent and Head Start teams have been working in overdrive to fill our classrooms with skilled educators.

It takes a very special kind of teacher, or teacher assistant, to work at Children’s Friend. You must be creative, an endless source of positivity and energy. You must be proactive, ready to take action and advocate for your students. You must be able to communicate with families in their most desperate moments, to empathize and reassure. And after all this, you must provide a high-quality education which has the power to change the outcomes of a vulnerable young child.

We wish all our educators, seasoned and new, good luck for this academic year. You have our endless respect and admiration – thank you for choosing to teach at Children’s Friend.



Lizzie de Cardenas-Norton

Operations Coordinator