Congratulate These Ladies!

At this time of graduation celebrations, we’d like to share some terrific news with you.  A couple of years ago we were having a difficult time finding qualified candidates to fill our teacher assistant positions in our early childhood classrooms.  These very important positions, supporting our youngest learners, require that you have a CDA credential.  The CDA, or Child Development Associate, is a credential that takes time and dedication to achieve. Numerous hours spent: learning about child development, how to work with parents, different learning styles of children; writing philosophy statements, spending hundreds of hours in classrooms learning and practicing their skills. Before it’s all over each CDA candidate is observed by a specialist and takes an exam. It is an intense experience, for sure!


In order to create our own pipeline of high quality, qualified teacher assistants, our Professional Development Team created and implemented a Teacher Assistant Training Program. Completion of the program leads to the CDA credential as well as employment with Children’s Friend.  Last Monday we celebrated 12 women who completed all of the elements and have been awarded their CDA!  Most of the women are moms, some single moms, some Head Start moms — each of them having a different reason for wanting to participate in this program.  For some it was the first foray into the world of work; for others, the promise of financial stability for their families.  They knew going in it would be a lot of hard work and some sacrifice, and with the support of many, they were successful.  All of the women we celebrated are now Children’s Friend employees!


Please join us in congratulating them!  Well done, ladies!