Cyber Security

Although I support and encourage the continuous evolution of technology, I do find myself wondering about the safeguards that have been implemented for some of the best products technology has to offer.

Of course, the manufacturers of these advanced products strive to provide a safe environment and product, but the system isn’t perfect. We continue to read the articles and hear the stories on the news about consumers’ privacy being violated, identities stolen, etc.

As consumers, we need to do our part and take the extra precautions to make ourselves and our personal data safe.  I recently read an article titled “Protecting your Home from Physical and Cyber Attacks.”  This article illustrates the importance of understanding cyber vulnerabilities and taking action to ensure security.

Are you taking the necessary steps to protect against or minimize cyber-attacks?

Click here to read the full article and how to protect yourself against cybercrimes.


Ronald Contreras

Chief of Finance