Did You Know That a Pumpkin Is a Fruit?

11-3-15 2Pumpkin Project 2

I bet you did not know how much learning could take place when you carve a pumpkin and explore the wonderful slimy stuff on the inside with a group of preschoolers!

The activity began by reading a book entitled Fruit (by Pascale De Bourgoing), where they not only practiced their literacy skills, but they learned that  a fruit is distinguished from a vegetable because it is a container for its seeds.  From there they moved onto digging out the pumpkin and discovering all the seeds on the insides.

They were able to practice their math skills by counting and sorting the seeds as well as weighing their pumpkins.  And they learned about healthy eating when one of our nutritionist stopped by to talk about how to cook pumpkins.  The conversations and learning was abundant that day as the kids asked questions and explored the topic.  And it is one that will likely be talked about for several days and weeks as we build the foundation for the future of these kids by allowing them to learn through exploration and play in their formative years.