Do You Know About the “Gaze”?

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When you gather together a room of people committed to infants, toddlers and their families…you find yourself with people who know lots about the “gaze”, that critically important moment when a baby is connecting with a caring adult.  The first 1000 days of a child’s life are unparalleled with regards to brain development.  And in that moment, when a child is connected with their parent, it is estimated that anywhere between 700 and 1000 neural connections can be made each second.

Partnering across Rhode Island to Nurture Educational Readiness Statewide (PARTNERS)  is an innovative collaboration between Early Head Start and Child Care programs throughout the state of Rhode Island.  The goal is to ensure all children enter school ready for success through the provision of unified, high quality, comprehensive and continuous care, education and supports.  PARTNERS is committed to robust quality improvement, advocating for high quality early care and education services and supports, leveraging multi-sourced funding and innovatively embedding into RI’s prenatal to eight system of care.

I am deeply appreciative of the passion and commitment that was present and truly excited as to what we will accomplish together.