Eating Together in the Classroom

Seamlessness is one of Children’s Friend’s core values – and our in-classroom meals for preschool students are one way we get families the support they need, where they are. 

We know that having meals in the classroom is a way to teach kids about healthy nutrition and make sure that no child starts the day hungry.  But it is also a way to create a nurturing environment for kids’ social and emotional learning.  “Social and emotional learning” means learning about one’s feelings and how to relate to others – and it’s a big part of being 3-5 years old.

Report from Child Trends

Child Trends recently released a report about breakfast in the classroom.  They write:

“School staff working with younger students highlighted opportunities for students to learn to manage their frustration and experience a sense of pride as they opened milk containers or successfully cleaned up a spill. These small wins created opportunities for school staff and fellow students to praise students’ efforts and persistence.”

Providing healthy, delicious meals in the classroom is one way that we put the most vulnerable kids and families in our state first – and prepare them for a lifetime of health and well-being.



Robert Hagberg, Chief of Strategy







Shelby Mack, Manager of Strategy