Economic Insecurity

freezing family of three with cups of tea warming near warm radiator in home


Over the years, we have heard a lot about “insecurity” as an economic term.  It refers to lack of consistent access to enough food for those living in your household…a  lack of access  to enough resources to manage when your car needs repair or when you are confronted with an unexpected medical bill.   People living in “insecure” financial circumstances find themselves constantly trading off between buying food, paying rent, repairing the car, or paying the bills.

In Rhode Island we have experienced unprecedented frigid temperatures over the weekend.  And we have heard the tales of boilers struggling to heat our homes, frozen pipes and cars that would not start.

For many of us, this is a temporary stressor.  And one that we can figure out how to manage because we have the resources to do it.  If our heat is not working we can afford to pay the heating company to come to our house on the weekend to fix the boiler or we can go to a hotel for the night.  But if you are already making tradeoffs, a weekend like the one we just had can easily lead to a series of crippling crises.

Vulnerable children and families are living in unreliable and unpredictable circumstances.  Our Emergency Crisis Fund is designed to help families with crises such as these.

You can help vulnerable families in need by giving to the Emergency Crisis Fund to ensure they can keep their families warm and provide enough food during these unpredictable winter months.  Click here to give today!  

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