Every Word Counts


This week is the Week of the Young Child so you can be sure that our dedicated Child Development Team will come up with amazing ways to celebrate this year’s theme “Celebrating Our Youngest Learners!”
On Friday, April 8th, Children’s Friend hosted our annual Every Word Counts reading event. National data shows that children in low-income households hear approximately 616 words per hour, nearly half as many words as heard by children in middle-income households (1,251) and less than one third as many words heard in high-income households (2,153).
Our guests included: donors, public officials, community leaders, media, and volunteers, who read stories to the children in all 60 of our early childhood learning center classrooms. Readers were spread over 12 different locations throughout Providence, Pawtucket, and Central Falls.
I look forward to this event because it’s a way for our friends and community partners who support the wonderful work being done at Children’s Friend to really connect to our work and experience a great time in the classroom.
Thank you to all who took part in this event especially the Development Committee and Development Team who worked hard to organize it and the Teachers who welcomed everyone into their classrooms.
Please visit the Facebook page of Children’s Friend to see videos and photos of this fun event:  https://www.facebook.com/ChildrensFriendRI.

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