Father’s Day: A One Hundred Year-Old Tradition


While Father’s Day was only signed into law as a nationally recognized holiday forty-five years ago by President Richard Nixon, the tradition of celebrating fathers in the United States dates back over one hundred years ago.  In 1910 a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd, whose father was a civil war veteran anda single father, wanted to acknowledge and honor her father for raising her and her five siblings as a single parent.  Following a sermon she’d heard in church on Mother’s Day, Ms. Dodd approached her pastor and asked that a similar service be held for fathers.  And so the tradition was born.

Children’s Friend has long been a believer in the importance of fathers in the lives of all children.  For many years we have supported fathers and other significant men involved in the lives of their children by providing parenting groups, job training, case management, and counseling, to support their success.  Ensuring that fathers are able to play an important and positive role in their children’s lives is paramount to ensuring educational, social and economic security, for the most vulnerable children in our community.

At Children’s Friend we continue our commitment to supporting fathers and other men in the lives of the children we serve; and wish you all a Happy Father’s Day!