Foster Parent Appreciation


As we concluded May’s Foster Care Awareness month, Children’s Friend hosted its annual Foster Parent Appreciation dinner a little over a week ago.  I was fortunate to attend this lovely event and am still struck by what an amazing group of people gathered together that evening.
The room was filled with happy babies, families sharing stories, and so much love that I had never quite experienced before.  Being a foster parent is no easy job – you open your heart and your home to a child who so very much needs it.  At the same time you risk your own heart in the process.  The people in the room that evening certainly were not concerned with that.  Their entire focus was on the children.
I have so much respect for the foster parents who care for our most vulnerable children at their most vulnerable time.  Some will go on to adopt, others will provide exactly what that child needs for only a short time.  What I witnessed that evening is that our foster parents give these children their all, no matter the outcome.
It was a wonderful lesson in unconditional love that I will not soon forget.  Many thanks to all of our foster parents for their huge hearts and ability to put the needs of our most vulnerable children first.


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