Foster Parenting

Imagine being a five year old who has already suffered terrible abuse.  Your family is not able to provide you with a safe home and you are struggling with telling the adults around you about what has happened.  You are in a point of crisis in your life that only a few can imagine.

Or imagine that you are a 12 year old, who has gone from placement to placement, with no sense of stability and you dream of being able to go to the same school, have parents that help you with your homework and a family that you can sit and eat dinner with.

Or imagine that you are a 16 year old.  You have been in a group home for years and the people that you consider your family are the other residents and the staff.  You want to play baseball and go to camp in the summer, and you are thinking about what you want to study in college.  You just want to be like a normal kid that has a family, even though your life has been anything but normal.


Rhode Island needs foster homes that are willing to provide a child or a brother or sister, with a safe and nurturing environment, for a few weeks, a few months or even longer.  Perhaps your kids are older or perhaps they have recently gone off to college?  Perhaps you have a spare room in your house?

These kids need you and Rhode Island is ready to support you so these kids can be safe and successful.  As Rhode Islanders, we have a commitment to care for our children and make sure they have what they need to grow, learn and be successful.

We are ready to support you in one of the most inspiring things you can ever do – open your home and your family to a child in need.  Click here and we will get you started on this journey of making sure that every child in Rhode Island has a home.