Getting Back into the Swing of the School Year Schedule

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Over the next two weeks it seems everyone will be back to school–and the routines that go with the months from September to June will be in full swing.  Preschoolers, school -age, middle and high school students, AND their parents, all head back to the routines of getting up early, going to bed earlier, catching a bus, doing homework, making lists, or any number of other things that make life manageable.
In order to get ready to leave the summer behind and have a successful start to the new year, there a many good suggestions for how to make it a smoother transition.  Here are highlights of a few from and from the National Education for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC):

  • Re-establish bedtime routines the week before school starts.  For some children, if they can still see daylight when it’s bedtime, the struggle is real for parents trying to ensure their child gets enough rest.
  • If there is a chance to have a home visit or a school visiting day, take advantage of it!  The anxiety children may feel on their first day can be diminished if they, and their parents, have a chance to meet their teachers and other school staff.
  • Get back to healthy eating.  In some homes, summer grocery shopping may often see an increase in goodies like cookies, ice cream, and processed sugary drinks.  The new school year is a great time to re-establish good eating habits and regular meals for kids and grown-ups.

Regardless of when the school year begins for your family, we hope that it will be a healthy, happy and successful one for everyone in your home.


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