Graduation Season


Springtime is one of celebration— the end of the school year, prom, and graduations. And it is no different here at Children’s Friend. Last week, we celebrated the graduation of our Nurse Family Partnership Moms. Families gathered in our Board room here at Summer Street to celebrate this milestone of completing two+ years of an intensive home visiting program for first-time mothers and their child until the child’s second birthday.

These Moms have experienced so much from pregnancy to the birth of their child, and now raising a toddler. They trusted our home-visiting nurses, letting them into their homes, learning good preventative health and developmental practices, and working to improve the economic self-sufficiency of their families, all with the goal of providing the absolute best start in life for their children.

I absolutely love attending these graduations.  The sense of accomplishment and the toddler laughter in the room is always inspiring.   Our Moms looked beyond themselves, took a chance and accomplished so much. Congratulations to our graduating Moms and best wishes for the future.