Honoring Miss Kim With Our Work Every Day


Last week our windows were open ushering in spring with warm breezes and sunshine.  Today, a different story entirely.  New England weather, like much of our world, is unpredictable.  Even when we know something is coming it can be difficult to deal with the results.

We knew several weeks ago that our friend, colleague, champion, and mentor, was in the final stages of battling an illness.

On Easter Sunday Miss Kim did indeed pass away.

I spoke with a staff person last week who knew Kim much longer than I did; she relayed to me that she thought about taking a few days off to process her grief, but, in her ear she could hear Miss Kim saying, “Go to work; you still have to take care of the kids.”

Kids show up, every day, waiting to be heard, hugged, and hands held, as they navigate through their young lives.  Kim knew that and regardless of what was going on in her world, she showed up, every day, all day, to take care of the kids—a smile on her face and love in her heart.

We will have good and bad days as the loss of Miss Kim is relived through a series of firsts “without”.   But in order to honor her in the best way possible, we’ll show up, every day, all day… “We still need to take care of the kids!”

Kelly Wishart  kelly