Hot Fun in the Summertime!

In just two weeks children in our Head Start classes will end their academic year, and a few weeks after that their older brothers and sisters will be done school for the summer. Keeping children busy and their minds growing is not always an easy thing for parents and caregivers. There are however some great, and free, ways to keep kids entertained.

Always a good choice is your local library! Recommended reading lists for children from pre-K through high school and activities calendars, are already posted on library websites for Providence, Pawtucket andCentral Falls. A great thing about libraries in Rhode Island is they are all connected; so, if you have a library card for one you have access to thousands of books and videos, as well as passes for free admission to all kinds of museums, the zoo and other fun activities all over Rhode Island.

Whatever you plan to do this summer it clearly doesn’t have to cost much to have a great time for kids or grown-ups.