If Passion Drives You… Let Reason Hold the Reins

"Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania"

As we move into and through this very historical month of February, I find myself reflecting on so many significant milestones in our American history.

With the celebrations of both Abraham Lincoln’s and our founding president George Washington’s birthdays this month, I am reminded of both the greatness of our nation and of the struggles that perpetually accompany our culture of freedom.

To complicate things even further, our country has taken on the dynamics of a Global culture and while doing so, the dynamics of myriad personal, religious, political, ethical and extremely emotional values.  The people of our nation and of the world, have expressed themselves through many of these lenses making it very difficult to maintain our culture of freedom; by expressing ourselves it obviates the exposure to being judged, negatively and positively, for what we value.  This in turn runs the risk of leading to increased divisiveness and, of even greater concern, a certain increased apathy.

Benjamin Franklin has been quoted for so many of his whimsical yet thought provoking quips.  Among my favorites, as I feel this one personally, is the following one:

Let’s not lose sight of reason—we owe this to the younger, developing generations as was provided by our forefathers.

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