As I was celebrating Independence Day and enjoying time off with family and friends, I remembered that it was 239 years ago that the Continental Congress adopted the “Declaration of Independence”, on July 4, 1776!

And just a short 58 years later in 1834, Children’s Friend and Service was founded by Harriet Ware, a young school teacher who believed that the way in which children were being treated was unacceptable.  Despite abject poverty, abandonment, and a societal focus on working in factories rather than learning, she saw in every child the promise of something more.  Harriet once said “They are willing to be taught and I am willing they should be”.

In the ensuing 181 years, Children’s Friend has stood up for vulnerable children and families, just as Harriet Ware did all those years ago, regardless of whether or not it is popular.   Standing up for what we believe in is one of the things that I’m most proud of here at Children’s Friend.

I’m proud to be part of a team of people who believe strongly in our mission,  in standing up for vulnerable children and families, and in asserting our own Independence when necessary.

Hopefully, everyone enjoyed a happy and healthy Independence Day!