Introducing – The Electronic Client Record

Busy woman taking some important notes


Today, Children’s Friend has reached a major milestone.  Today, Children’s Friend is going live with our new Electronic Client Record.

To many I’m sure this doesn’t sound as significant as maybe being in your 182nd year of existence, but software developers have been slow to develop a solution that truly serves the social service world.

In true Children’s Friend fashion, we didn’t let that deter us.  We partnered with a software developer in earnest nearly two years ago to work on creating an Electronic Client Record that reflects how we view our work.

Today is the culmination of tens of thousands of hours of hard work, creativity, perseverance and commitment.

We knowingly took on this endeavor because we truly believe that it will revolutionize the way we engage the children and families that we serve.  We believe that the Electronic Client Record will allow us to provide more needed and targeted services with the ultimate goal of better outcomes.

Congratulations and Thank You to everyone who made this historic achievement possible.


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