Introducing the Office of Strategy Management

In his December 17, 2018 blog, President and Chief Executive Officer, David Caprio identified Children’s Friend new Strategic Priority: “ Too many of the youngest and most vulnerable children in Rhode Island are experiencing devastating outcomes, including death, as a result of abuse and neglect. As stewards of the resources entrusted with us, Children’s Friend is realigning itself to proactively respond to this crisis”. David also introduced the Children’s Friend Volunteer Army as one of the vehicles for moving that new Strategic Priority forward.

To make sure that the Strategic Priority (and the agency-wide alignment to it) remains a primary focus, the Strategic Plan approved by the Children’s Friend Board in January of 2018 called for the creation of the Children’s Friend Office of Strategy Management.

The concept was envisioned and designed by Robert S. Kaplan of Harvard Business School. The Office’s primary purpose is to bridge the consistent gap that exists in most organizations between “Strategy Formulation” and “Strategy Execution”. The Office of Strategy Management bridges this gap by overseeing all strategy related activities – strategy development, implementation and monitoring – and facilitating the activities of the Volunteer Army.


The Office keeps the following discussions at the forefront:

  • What is our strategy?
  • How is it being measured?
  • Are we allocating resources to support our strategy?
  • Do our people understand it?
  • Are we having outstanding sessions to discuss and monitor our strategy?


The Office of Strategy Management at Children’s Friend is currently staffed by Tammy Camillo, MBA, Special Projects Coordinator, and Robert Hagberg, LICSW, Strategic and Clinical Consultant, who report directly to President and Chief Executive Officer, David Caprio, and Senior Vice President Programs & Operations/Head Start Director, Aimee Mitchell.

The failure rate of organization wide change efforts is extremely high, over 70% according to Harvard Business School. The Children’s Friend Office of Strategic Management’s job is to ensure that the agency wide re-alignment to the new Strategic Priority is not one of them.


Special Projects Coordinator

Tammy Camillo, MBA

Robert Hagberg, LICSW