Investing in Our Children Social Investment


Social Investment 

Every child deserves to grow up in a safe, nurturing environment. Children’s Friend is working to eliminate child abuse and neglect in Rhode Island by advocating for our most vulnerable children, and providing vital wrap-around health and education services to strengthen families. We cannot do it without you.

Help grow healthy kids, thriving families, and safe, supportive communities today.

$1,000 – Early Learning Fund

Our Early Learning Fund provides materials that support our programs in going above and beyond our contracted funding.

Promoting early learning is at the heart of what Children’s Friend does. Children’s Friend is always looking for ways to innovatively build upon our programs and supports, and to go above and beyond typical services.  This year is particularly challenging because of COVID-19.  It is vital to have tools to teach remotely as well as in the classroom. 

Your $1,000 supports early education innovations in the home, during parent-child groups, and in our classrooms that further prepare children for success in kindergarten.

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$500 – Emergency Crisis Fund

Our Emergency Crisis Fund ensures that families are able to meet their children’s basic needs.

Our families struggle daily to meet their children’s needs. Unexpected events—car repairs, reduction in work hours, or illnesses—can really hit families hard.  Because of COVID-19, many more families are living precariously than ever before. 

Your $500 makes sure children have food on the table.  You can catch a family up on their heating bill.  You can prevent eviction and homelessness.

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$250 – Workforce Assistance Fund

Our Workforce Assistance Fund gives parents the tools to be able to enter the workforce.

For many years, Children’s Friend has provided work training programs to mothers and fathers so they can earn an income and work towards moving out of poverty.  The demand for this program has become even higher now that the pandemic has reduced opportunities available to non-traditional students. 

Your $250 will help a mother or father receive the training and support in gaining marketable skills in Rhode Island’s top demand-driven sectors.

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$125 – Clothing Fund

Clothe days-old newborn babies who have nothing.

When babies are born and cannot go home with their birth families, they need someone else to take care of them temporarily.  These days-old babies have nothing but what the hospital has given them—a cap and onesie.  In those early days of newborn chaos, it is so helpful to families to have a few clean, warm outfits for changes. 

Your $125 provides newborn babies with the necessities needed to take home when they leave the hospital.

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$50 – Healthy Start Fund

Our Healthy Start Fund ensures every child has what he or she needs to have a safe and healthy start.

A $50 donation could prevent a child’s death. Rhode Island has had numerous child fatalities and near fatalities of young children that were preventable.  Parents did not have a safe place for their babies to sleep.  We can’t overstate how much this simple thing can help a family in distress.  Your gift could be responsible for saving a child’s life. 

Your $50 provides a family with a Pack n’ Play, a small portable crib, which gives babies a safer place to sleep than their parents’ beds.

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