It’s Inspirational

It was wonderful this week to celebrate the Week of the Young Child™.  This allowed me to take a step back from the busyness of working at Children’s Friend to read to our preschool children at our Berkshire location.

Well in advance, I dusted off my favorite books from when my kids were young (Brown Bear, Dr. Seuss Foot Book and Goodnight Moon) and expressing the same level of enthusiasm as I did then, was able to keep these children attentive.  What was impressive, many of them knew the words to Brown Bear, so they read along.    What was more inspirational was when I asked them to close their eyes in silence while I slowly read my pocket size book of Goodnight Moon – you could hear a pin-drop.

Truly, these are the joys of working at Children’s Friend and I applaud our classroom staff for their good work.