Lend a Helping Hand

As we are in the middle of Winter, families struggle with their bills more often than any other part of the year.  Trying to strike a balance with paying for warmth for their home verses basic living expenses.

Here at Children’s Friend, we are fortunate to have the Emergency Crisis Fund to provide assistance to the families we serve.  Their needs can be anything from providing diapers/wipes for newborn babies, gift cards for food/clothing, heating/utility assistance and even preventing evictions.

Every single dollar we receive in donations for this cause goes out to the community in need.  Personally, I find this to be very inspirational to be part of this process, especially when a caring coworker shares the emergency crisis at hand.

While we have corporate donors that support us, for which we are extremely grateful, you too can make a contribution to this year round need.  Use this link or send a check payable to Children’s Friend, 153 Summer Street, Providence RI  02903.  In the check memo section reference Emergency Crisis Fund.

We thank our contributors for making a difference in someone’s life during their time of crisis.