Looking Forward to a New Year


2018 was a significant year for the agency with much change and growth. With the adoption of a new strategic priority, we learned how to work together to encourage innovation to better serve our youngest and most vulnerable.

We spoke for those who could not – successfully advocating for proper funding for children and families who need these services the most.

We celebrated the groundbreaking of a new Children’s Friend Center of Excellence in the old Asa Messer Annex School building in Providence, offering hope and building a better future for an underserved community.

Most importantly, we served our children and families with the best services and supports possible, through our family-centered, seamless and outcome-driven programs.


Our work isn’t easy, and there’s still so much uncertainty with Rhode Island’s system of care. However, I am hopeful for 2019 because this organization continues to put children first. Our committed staff and leadership never simply take the easy route. We prioritize the safety, health, and education of our children.

And we cannot do it without a community of supporters to help us. Thank you for standing behind us, lending strength to our voice and investing in what we care most about… our children.


Happy New Year – here’s to another year of serving our children and families in the best way possible.