Meet Joselynn…

Hi my name is Joselynn. I am 11 years old. A few days after birth, I was placed in a loving foster home. I was reunited with my birthparents at a few months old, only to find myself back in foster care at 16 months old.

A few years later, my foster home became my forever home. I love my parents and my 5 brothers and sisters very much. My parents befriended my birth mom and encouraged her to make good choices. She is doing so well, and I am happy about the positive choices she is making. I love seeing her and am so proud of her!

I am blessed to have so many people that love me. Children’s Friend helped keep me safe and find me a loving home, so last fall when I was learning about raising money for good causes in my schoolwork-Children’s Friend came to my mind right away! I drew pictures and gave them to people at the art festival that donated to the Spirit of Giving Holiday Drive. People were so kind and generous. I was able to give a check to Children’s Friend for $250.

My hope and prayer is that all children will be able to feel safe and loved in their homes. My family and Children’s Friend have given me so many opportunities to succeed. I’m thankful I was able to make a small difference for kids in foster care.

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