National Adoption Day

National Adoption Day happens every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  This year in Rhode Island 23 children joined 19 families.


In our family this day is referred to as the “Best Day Ever”.  Five years ago we sat in a courtroom just like these families,  a bundle of nerves, trying to explain the meaning of tears of joy to our soon to be daughter.


Foster Care is one of the most incredible things that a family can do.  Being able to open your home and family to a child in need of it, is truly a privilege.  And while many children are able to return to their parents, not all situations turn out like this.  Despite their best efforts, some parents are not able to make the changes necessary to care for their child and the next step becomes adoption.


While Rhode Island increased the number of foster homes by 25% this year, it is still not enough and as we celebrate the journey these 23 children and 19  families took, I urge you to consider foster care yourselves.  Give us a call to simply talk about it and see if it could be right for you and your family.


For more information about Foster Care at Children’s Friend, visit our Foster Care page.  Or, if you prefer, contact our Foster Care Recruiters, Joyce LaFrance Tormey at 401.276.4318 or or Heather Ashworth at 401.276.4371 or