National Adoption Month 2016



Since 1834 Children’s Friend has served the most vulnerable children in Rhode Island. No one can argue that babies born into circumstances that would not afford them the very best start in life, are those who are indeed the most vulnerable.

The myriad reasons for a child being placed for adoption are as varied as the families who are willing and ready to adopt. Many of the children we place in adoptive homes are born to families that are struggling with a variety of social and economic difficulties. Children’s Friend works diligently, year-round, to recruit, train and support the families willing to make this lifelong commitment.

What has traditionally been a month during which we are reminded to give thanks, you might want to also take some time to consider your willingness and ability to become an adoptive family. If you are interested in learning more about adoption and the services at children’s friend, please contact: Lisa Granda, Permanency Supervisor at 401.276.4300 or



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