National Adoption Month

mother and adopted baby daughter in mixed race family

November is National Adoption Month and at Children’s Friend we celebrate each year with our families at our Adoption Celebration where families enjoy reconnecting with one another.  The number of families attending grows every year. The staff also looks forward to welcoming their families, seeing how the children have grown and learning about their new experiences.

There is nothing more important to a child than having a family who loves them and takes care of them.  Providing a safe loving family impacts a child in a way like no other.  It is truly life changing.

It is often stated that parenting is the toughest job anyone could have. At Children’s Friend, we provide safe and caring homes through our Birth Parent Counseling, Adoption, and Foster Care programs.  We continue to provide ongoing help with our Adoption and Support programs.

The agency has been providing safe permanent homes since 1834 and the work is carrying on in 2015!  This Thanksgiving, we give thanks for our talented staff whose successes serve vulnerable families every day as well as the selflessness of our birth, adoptive and foster parents.

We wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all our staff, the families we serve and the friends we have made.