NEW VIDEO: How Toxic Stress Affects Us, and What We Can Do About it

If you’re concerned with children’s wellbeing, you may have heard the term “toxic stress” and learned about the ways it can impact kids.  But just as important are the ways toxic stress impacts parents and caregivers.  This brand new video from the Harvard Center for the Developing Child breaks down the ways that toxic stress can harm parents and their kids. 

The good news?  Even though toxic stress is caused by things outside of an individual’s control – like poverty, abuse, or racism – there are still things individuals can do to cope.  That’s why here at Children’s Friend we care for the whole family, across generations.  And it’s why we advocate to change the policies and systems that cause or contribute to stress in the first place. 

Watch the video, share it with someone who needs to see it – and join us in caring for RI’s most vulnerable.


Robert Hagberg, Chief of Strategy