Oh My Goodness, Is It Contagious?

Well…. let’s hope.

Within our agency, we are busy as elves with our Spirit of Giving Holiday Drive.  So let the giving bug spread to assist our less fortunate families with new clothes to keep them warm during these winter months.
As we journey through life, we should be reminded to count our blessings; pause and ponder, to realize that it is much better to be the giver than the getter.  With a bit of hope and a twinkle of cheer, let this epidemic spread during this joyful holiday season for all we serve in our communities.
I would like to share another “contagious” note; this week we celebrate Giving Tuesday.  This initiative started in 2012, a post-Thanksgiving national awareness. In time, Giving Tuesday will become as familiar as Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.