Parenting in Poverty

Recently, I read a compelling article in the New York Times by a woman who grew up in poverty, her family relying on SNAP benefits to survive throughout her entire childhood.  As she recounted what she described as, “the indignities and flavors of shame that come with living in poverty,” I was struck by her honestly as she vividly described the lasting experiences of a childhood living without.

The way in which she described her childhood visits to the grocery store and the limits and unspoken rules she learned as a small child, it was clear that poverty has had a profound effect on her life. The missed birthday parties and school field trips her family simply could not afford illustrated a lonely childhood, heartbreakingly aware of what she was missing.

In an economy that continues to leave so many people behind, the author points out that many more families face this situation. Poverty can be isolating and difficult, especially trying to keep a family afloat. This article is a good reminder of how important our programs and services are for Rhode Island families in need.

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