Print Material Request

Until this form has been submitted electronically with all the required information, your project is not in the que and no work will begin until it is.
A PDF file of the finished design will be sent by e-mail for proofing of copy, design and content. If you have questions about the form or difficulty submitting it, please contact Leila Hill at
Requests take up to two weeks to complete.

Your project may take more time if it is longer or more complex. This two-week estimate does not include translation time or professional printing time.

All material submitted must be accurate, with correct spelling and grammar. If your submission does not meet those standards, it will be returned to you and work will not begin until you have met these standards.

Double-check things like phone numbers, email addresses, and days/dates before submitting your project to ensure accuracy. Run spelling and grammar checks on your project. Have your supervisor or a co-worker proofread your project. The more accurate and complete your submission is, the faster you will get your finished project.

If you have a legitimate emergency and need something quickly, please email Leila Hill directly at and explain your situation. Exceptions will be made rarely, and only if there is a very good reason.

Please remember that many people make requests and projects are done in the order they are received as often as possible to be fair to everyone.