Foster Care

When a crisis hits a family, it may not be safe for children and their parents to live together. The reasons vary – medical catastrophe, mental illness, substance abuse, and children’s behavior problems are just a few.

To help the family through the crisis, temporary separation is sometimes necessary. Our Foster parents provide a safe, temporary place for children to live while their birth parents confront their problems.

After successfully completing the training and home study process, applicants receive their license from the state of Rhode Island. Children’s Friend takes great care to meet the needs of everyone involved in the experience of fostering children.

For more information please contact Joyce LaFrance Tormey at 401.276.4318 or or Heather Ashworth at 401.276.4371 or

Foster Focus

My experience with Children’s Friend and the fostering experience was a roller coaster. While the staff at Children’s Friend was quite supportive and always there to assist, the unknown about the future of the children in your care can be quite worrisome and stressful at times, especially having a career and being single.

It was hard to understand why any child would be in foster care but I had to push that thought aside when I received my placement, a 10 month old girl. She came to me on a winter’s day in January. I remember her peeking over her blanket in her car seat and smiling. She was a happy baby who took to my family right away. I then found out
that the birth mother was pregnant again, and I was asked to take in that baby as well.

In August, I took in her brother a week after he was born. There I was, alone with two children ages one and under. Some thought I was crazy. Some did not understand how I did it all. My secret is to just do it and not think of it. Get support from family and friends to assist and most importantly, don’t feel guilty when you need “me time”.

My placement was challenging in the sense that I wanted to see the children find a permanent home. The planets were aligned for me and on Valentine’s Day, two years later, the judge signed the adoption decree. Five years later, both children are thriving and doing well!


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Interested In Becoming A Foster Parent?

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