Recipe for Employee Well-Being



Baking is an activity that I find therapeutic. Finding a new recipe that reflects the intentions of a new year is always exciting. Finding a new flavor, a lighter version of a classic, or maybe a fusion of two recipes that create a new dessert all have the possibility of becoming a new favorite.

As the agency moves to 2020, we embrace intentions for the well-being of our staff. This got me thinking of what that recipe would look like. Maybe something like this.

Recipe: Employee Well-Being

  • Start with a motivated, talented workforce.
  • Add a generous amount of advocacy, commitment, and compassion.
  • Insert quality programs that serve the most vulnerable.
  • Stir
  • Sprinkle in a generous benefits package and robust wellness program.
  • Add a splash of innovation and development.
  • Top it off with a supportive work culture.
  • Bake for 185 years.

Serves 34,649 individuals or 1,644 families.

This is the recipe we at Children’s Friend like the best. Happy New Year!

Rebecca Paquette – Chief of Talent