Spotlight on Robyn Giragosian – A Parent, A Leader, And A Policy Maker

Ready Set Kindergarten Invite

One of our core principles as an agency is to provide families an opportunity to be “meaningfully engaged in the design, delivery and evaluation” of the work that we do.  And one of the hallmarks of an agency is figuring out how to make sure our principles are lived out in the work that we do every day.

Robyn Giragosian, former chair of Policy Council and current parent representative for the National Head Start Association, is a great example of just that.  She is a leader and policy maker in her own right and was appointed to the Early Learning Council by Governor Raimondo.

Whether it is travelling to Washington DC to meet with our federal legislators to talk about the importance of Head Start, or being a conference workshop speaker throughout New England, Robyn is a driving force for the idea that relationships between parents, policy makers and those providing the support is at the core of what really matters.  Children are successful in school when we ensure that their parents are valued, engaged and seen as partners in achieving our goals together.

Her upcoming Third Annual Parent Conference “Ready Set Kindergarten” is set for May 10 and it provides families, community staff, policy makers and educational leaders an opportunity to come together, learn about each other and make that the transition into kindergarten is as successful as possible.


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