Spring Gleaming

Spring is a great time to take stock of what’s in our closets, dressers, and basements.  Some people call it Spring Cleaning, I call it Spring Gleaming!  The time of year in my house when we clean out what we don’t need or use; then what we keep, we make new again.





A couple of things I do:

  • From my kitchen cupboards any mismatched dishes, glasses, or coffee mugs, are put in a box and brought up the street to the local Salvation Army.
  • My general rule of thumb for clothes:  if I haven’t put it on the past year, I pass it on so someone else can use it.  These bags too, go up to the Salvation Army near my house.
  • If it doesn’t work, I throw it away or recycle it according to the guidelines in my city.  Remember, donating something that doesn’t work isn’t really a donation.

What can you do, especially if you have children in your home?

  • Gently worn books and toys are great to donate to your local pre-school or childcare center, like those at Children’s Friend!  Ask your kids to choose the things they don’t play with as much anymore. Encourage them to give another child a chance to have fun with it.
  • When it comes to clothes, maybe it’s time to have a “hand-me-down” party.  What no longer fits an older child can be passed on to the younger ones—make a fashion show of it!
  • And, speaking of clothes, what about that big basket of mismatched socks near the clothes dryer?  Maybe it’s time for a sock matching race with the kids, and the winner gets a new pair of sneakers!

Whatever you choose to do, remember, what’s old to you can be new to someone else.

Happy Spring Gleaming!