Spring is Here!


It may still feel like winter because the snowflakes continue to fall, but spring really is here!  For many families it’s time to get things started in their flower and vegetable gardens.  In my family, we start our seeds for our vegetable garden indoors so they are strong and ready to be planted before Memorial Day in May.  We often have more than we need as a result of all the plants that go in the ground, so we share much of it with friends and neighbors.

In addition to planting our own garden we also like to visit Farmer’s Markets throughout Rhode Island—it’s the best way to get some of the freshest and most delicious fruits and vegetables around.  And while these markets used to only be available in the summer and fall, now you can find them year-round through this link to Farm Fresh Rhode Island.  One of the best things about the markets throughout the state is the chance to maximize EBT, WIC, and SNAP benefits through the Bonus Bucks nutrition incentives!

So, if you’re ready for spring and you just don’t want to wait for your own garden to grow, check out the farmer’s market near you and enjoy all the great food Rhode Island has to offer.