Summer Learning at Its Best

What happens on a rainy, gloomy July morning during our Summer Learning and Enrichment Program?  Our students board the bus for the Audubon Environmental Education Center in Bristol, RI to explore and I had the opportunity to tag along.

The morning started with a scavenger hunt through the museum, where they explored a tidal pool, saw local species of fish, striped bass, tautaug, puffer fish, sea stars, an orange lobster, and met a whale up close.  Osprey and red-tailed hawks were observed from a safe distance and story time included a special guest, Franklin the box turtle.  Once the rain let up a bit – there was a butterfly garden and orchard to explore.

On hot, sweltering days and cooler rainy days – our Summer Learning and Enrichment Program is there to engage children with new experiences and hands on learning.  We cannot do it without the support of community members just like you.

It’s not too late to make a difference this summer. If you would like to support high quality, engaging experiences for children in need, click here.

Many thanks to our friends at Audubon for hosting our Dean Center this morning and making this field trip possible.  Our children had a blast meeting Franklin and learning all about native animals and habitats.