Team Steen



I’m sure there will be much more news coming on the tremendous success of this year’s Walk for Children sponsored by Panera Bread, but I want to share one of the most heartwarming stories I heard this past Saturday at the Walk.

As I was helping to gather walkers, runners, families and friends toward the tent for the opening ceremonies I came across of group of 50 or so folks (kids, babies, grown-ups) all wearing the same t-shirts.  Each person, from the 80-something great-grandma to the toddler on her lap, had their name on the front of the shirt and the team name on the back: Team Steen.  That’s a lot of t-shirts, so I asked, who is Team Steen?  The answer went something like this:

“Oh, Team Steen is my wife, Debbi!”

“Really, why are you walking today?”

“We are a group from our church–we have four families who foster kids.  My wife and I were the first and now there are others.  Our pastor thought it would be a great idea to have a team come to the Walk, so here we are!”

“Wow!  That’s amazing!”

“It’s all Debbi!”


And so I met Debbi, one of our foster parents, as she was trying to corral Team Steen for a group picture.  Baby-on-her-hip, she was the consummate mom-organizer shouting, “little ones in the front, grown-ups in the back.”  And not until she was happy with what she saw did she jump into a row of adults and allow the picture to be taken.

Thank you Team Steen–Debbi, for your commitment to supporting the most vulnerable children of our communities! And to making our Walk such a success!

If you’re interested in becoming a wonderful foster parent, just like the Steens, click here for more information.