The Early Head Start – Child Partnership Project


Children’s Friend and a team of partners from Head Start and various child care agencies began a journey 18 months ago that would prove to be transformative for the organizations that make up this effort and  the infants, toddlers and families living in poverty that we are supporting.

The Early Head Start – Child Partnership Project has been unique opportunity to bring together the strengths of childcare and those of Early Head Start to create exceptional infant toddler classrooms, supported by high quality and qualified staff while simultaneously providing comprehensive supports to families and ensuring that the disruptions in care were minimized.

We set out to do something different.  Our goal was to create a collaborative climate that would allow for genuine change to take place.  One that would leverage the amazing talent and passion of all of the partner agencies.  And as Tanya Pierce, Center Director at The Children’s Workshop, shared,  she remembers the development process as a “genuine opportunity to share my ideas and expertise … to be heard and valued in a process that was going to make an impact for the children and families in our community. It was a real chance for all of us to put everything on the table and work through it together.”

Together we created something remarkable.  In addition to credentialing 30 infant and toddler teachers across 15 classrooms in Rhode Island, we were able to use funds to transform early childhood centers by providing $70,000 to improve learning environments.  We provided over $350,000 quality stipends to the partners.  And we are currently supporting nearly 100 infants, toddlers and their families.  We  were also able to ensure that 30 of these children were not disrupted from their child care when their families experienced crises and changes in their life.

Please join me in celebrating our accomplishments and thanking the partners that made this possible!

Beautiful Beginnings
Children’s Friend: Dexter Street
Children’s Workshop: Central Falls
Children’s Workshop Foundation
Connecting for Children and Families
CCAP Head Start
Genesis Center
Heritage Park
McAuley Village
Woonsocket Head Start

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