The Electronic Record Journey!

As most people familiar with Children’s Friend know, we are a multitasking-organization.  Our  employees do unsung work week in and week out to ensure that Children’s Friend is honoring our mission of improving the well-being and healthy development of Rhode Island’s most vulnerable young children.
More recently, in addition to our regular work load, our staff have been scenario testing in our electronic record as we continue on our electronic record journey.  We have found that working in collaboration with our software developers to ensure they understand a fuller picture of what it is we are trying to accomplish often leads to a more optimal solution design.
We are confident that once completed our electronic record will transform the work that we do.  For example:  coordination of care, timeliness of data, reduction in duplication of work, having historical data for analysis.  All of which help Children’s Friend have a greater impact as we continue to serve Rhode Island’s most vulnerable young children.
I’d like to express my appreciation for all the hard work of everyone working on our electronic record journey.  I know that Children’s Friend will benefit from this hard work for years to come.

Thank you!