Water Safety


The unofficial start of summer this past weekend was beautiful weather-wise, and lots of people had the chance to go jump in the ocean or a lake or a pool!  It’s the time of year too, for reminders about water safety.

Water parks, lakes and ponds, the ocean, and your backyard pool, each offer a unique set of challenges to keeping yourself and your children safe.  The key to safety for each location: adequate supervision.  Just because your kiddo passed their recent swimming test in a pool doesn’t mean they can always handle big ocean waves or tubes full of curves at a water park.  And, although lifeguards are typically the first line of safety for water-filled enjoyment, it is still critically important for parents and other grown-ups to be on the lookout, regardless of the environment.

This water safety article from Kids Health is a great place to learn more.  Information about safety in different types of locations as well as emergency response possibilities are included.  Even just one of these tips could make a difference for you this season.

We here at Children’s Friend hope you all enjoy your summer!