We Did It!

Congratulations! Thanks to our combined efforts over the last few months, Governor Raimondo signed a budget bill for FY 2019 which restores $18 million in funding to the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF).

With your support we sent thousands of messages to our legislators through emails, post cards, phone calls, and in-person meetings advocating to restore funding to our most vulnerable children in Rhode Island. This is one of the largest advocacy efforts we at Children’s Friend have taken on in recent years. Thanks to all of us we were able to get our message out and help to ensure better outcomes for our children in need.

Thank you to the Governor, House Speaker, Senate President, and all of our Representatives and Senators for supporting this needed restoration of funding to our child welfare system. On Friday, I attended the signing of the budget bill. I look forward to DCYF putting these restored resources to work to properly protect our most vulnerable children in Rhode Island.

Overall the FY 2019 budget is a good budget for children in Rhode Island. And thank you again for your efforts and for standing with us to stop children in Rhode Island from dying from abuse and neglect.